How To Write a Bad Resume

Have you ever wondered what makes a really bad resume? What is it that recruiters and hiring managers see on a resume that makes them move it to the "reject" pile? are in luck. As a former corporate recruiter, hiring manager, and resume writer I know the ins and outs of what it takes to get ahead in the resume department.

There are key elements every good resume needs, but equally important, there are things that need to be avoided. Here is a list of items you want to leave off your resume if you want to get ahead of the game.

What To Leave Off Your Resume

(Unless you don't want to get hired)

  • Lots of colors, some color is good to draw the eye around the page, but keep them muted and understated so as not to distract. Hot pink has no place in your future career. Your new hair color maybe, but not a new job.

  • Lots of fonts, stick to 2-3 at most that are similiar in style. Nothing to fussy and overdone. This is not the time to convince someone you are a graphic designer. Which if you are, ignore this point and go straight to the next one. Or not. Or go design a web based resume. Just saying.

  • Family information, don't get too personal. They don't need to know your marital status, kids, pets, and relatives. Fluffy is your baby, we get it. But your boss doesn't care.

  • Heavy chunky text boxes everywhere creating a non-ATS friendly resume. Chunky heels are cute, text boxes are not.

  • Hobbies that do not relate to your career path. No one cares that you are a Star Wars enthusiast. We all love Chewbacca, but he has no place on your resume.

  • Your home address, use city/state only for privacy reasons. Hackers. Need I say more?

  • Unprofessional email addresses such as ""....we will leave it at that.

  • Unprofessional nicknames in your contact info such as, Jane "Can Do It All" think it's cute, everyone else thinks it's unprofessional. Okay Productive Jane? Okay.

  • GPA's if they are not the top of the top and if you have been out of school for 5 years. If you are smart, it reflects in the resume content. We don't need to tell everyone that you are Smarty McSmarterson. However, if you are a college grad and your GPA is at least a 4.0...let's throw that in subtly in the cover letter.

  • Prior managers contact info. I see this a lot and it's super unprofessional on a resume. If they need a reference they ask for it. Plus...what if they call them? This could be uh....not a good thing.

  • Unprofessional photos that you took on your phone or appear too casual, (avoid photos 95% of the time, unless you look like Kate Beckinsale, then post that pic on every document and wall space you own.) OR only use if you are in a creative industry or something that specifically needs it.

  • "References available upon request"....this is like nails on a chalkboard to a recruiter or manager. Let alone anyone for that matter. Don't waste space on your resume with this ridiculous sentence. You only have so much real estate space on your document, don't clutter it up with obvious things such as this. You will have to give references if they decide to hire you. It's just fact. As if you will only provide if they request them. News flash....background checks happen.

  • Address of your prior places of employment. All you need is city/state, don't give them street addresses. Have I not taught you anything? You don't need stalkers. I'm just trying to help you. I got you boo. Your safety is my priority. Unless they actually do stalk then I'm just gonna call the police.

  • Punctuation on bullet points. A resume is a formal document that is listed in bullet form for the bulk of the resume. Periods are not needed to convey the thought. Period.

This is a good start to review your resume and see if any of these things apply. If they do, and you want help cleaning up your document, let me know!

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