5 Ways a Career Coach Can Boost Your Job Search

I have found that my clients who enlist my help with career coaching assistance in conjunction with their newly written resume, all have positive results in various ways. Listed below are 5 ways in which actual clients have made the leap from job seeker to hired.

1) Interview Preparation: Carly had enlisted my help to write her resume and once she started submitting the resume, she got call backs. However, we noticed that she wasn't getting hired. I instantly suggested she do a session of interview prep with me to get rid of the nerves, practice answering her questions, and have engaging questions to ask the hiring manager. After one session of intense prep and role-playing, Carly utilized her new skills on the day of her next interview. Guess what...Carly is now employed.

2) Personality Assessment: Nothing is worse than being in the wrong job for your skill set and personality. If you find that you are continuously job hopping or unfulfilled in your current role, it could be that you are not in your right element. I utilize the Meyers-Briggs personality testing to help my clients find out who they are, what they are best at, what they enjoy doing, and how to use those traits into landing the career of their dreams. 3) Salary Negotiation: Often times my clients find themselves in a job they love, but not making money they deserve. This is the all too familiar tale of Tom. Tom loved his job in technology but he found that he since he was hired many years ago, two other job descriptions and roles had been put upon him with no increase in pay. The company was taking advantage of Tom and therefore, what happened to Tom happens to everyone at some point in that situation. Bitterness and frustration. And for good reason. Tom came to me for salary negotiation strategies to try and correct the problem before reaching total burnout. I strategized with Tom on how to outline his role, present stats, and the timeline in which to do all this to achieve the desired goal. Tom emailed me three weeks ago, he got a raise and is feeling more fulfilled and appreciated.

4) Management Strategies: Perhaps you are a manager and have found yourself at a loss as to why an employee won't comply or how you can get a team motivated. I often help small business owners and managers work through various problems they are having in their workplace and we talk through how to hire more qualified people, how to approach disciplinary actions, how to come up with creative ways to create a better company culture for employees and much more. Even managers need a coach from time to time. Understanding the Myers-Briggs personality profiles of your employees can also help frustrated managers to understand why a certain employee operates the way they do. 5) Job Search Strategy: Once a client comes to me and is ready to begin their job search, they often don't know where to begin. It can be a very overwhelming task for anyone. However, there are better job sites and boards out there than others. There are ways to find recruiters in your area, and there are ways to be proactive in your search rather than passive and waiting for people to respond to you. Networking is key and knowing how to utilize social media in your job quest are just a few of the things that I help my clients to do as they begin the process.

So as you can see, these are just 5 of the ways that having a Career Coach can benefit a struggling job seeker or employee. Knowledge is power and having the right tools to accomplish your goals is 90% of the battle. Once you know how and what to do, executing it into action is a piece of cake. If you would like to schedule a 1 hour session with myself on any of these areas, drop me an email at info@unstoppablecommunications.com and I will be in touch.


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