Why do I need to have a resume when I have a job?

Be Preeeepaaared as Scar would say

Several scenarios may present themselves to you at any given point in your life:


Being Laid-Off

Being Fired

Getting bored in your current job

Additional training and a new career focus

Going back into the workforce

Transitional time after an illness or other life situation

A better opportunity at your current job

You do not want to wait until these situations occur to get your resume in order. Scrambling at the last minute, especially after a devastating situation of being laid off or fired can be traumatic enough, you don't want to deal with a resume too.

With the ever changing job market and economy highs and lows, you want to prepared for whatever life may bring. When you keep an updated resume on file it allows you to have freedom and flexibility when you suddenly need it.

Imagine you have been waiting for that inner office opening at your current job. You've been checking the job boards daily, and suddenly...there it is...the position you really want has opened! Then, imagine this....Joe Co-Worker has been watching the same boards and wants that internal spot just as bad as you.

But.....you have your resume updated and ready to go. Instantly, you have advantage over your competitor. You fire off your resume, cover letter, and inner office email to the manager. You explain your enthusiasm for the position and just to prove that you have been waiting for this moment, you have your documents in order for them to review. You get the interview within days, and Jo Co-Worker is still trying to remember what his start date was for that out of college job he had. He even tries to hire someone to write his resume quickly but it's still going to be three days at best.

Hopefully by now you are seeing why it is so crucial to have a resume on file and ready to go. It's all about being prepared, looking professional, removing the stress out of the situation, and ultimately, cutting the time in half while you transition.

Do you want to get prepared now and be ahead of the competition? Check out Unstoppable Communications and get ahead of the game!

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