Does it really matter when I post to social media platforms?

When When When?

8:30, 4:30, noon, weekends, can all be a little confusing in understanding the logistics of posting social media. Everyone seems to have a different approach and idea when it comes to getting the most effective reach out of a post.

Is there really a magic hour that will drive the most traffic to your business or site? The answer is complicated and it really depends on each case. There is a rule of thumb for general posting times of when to post and not post, but typically the best answer is going to be dependent upon your target market and product.

Many find that early mornings, lunch time, and right before quitting time to be effective posting time slots. Still, others that have a target market that are not driven by the off-site work schedule such as stay at home moms, students, freelancers, agents, and other non traditional industries. These individuals can be reached just about anytime where their daily duties are not interfering.

Industry Specific Tips

For example, if your target audience is stay-at-home moms, posting at 4:30 on a Wednesday (which is often thought of as the golden hour for targeting consumers) will not be near as effective as a mid-afternoon post when their children will be napping.

You have to a pulse on what your target audience is doing throughout the day and when they are doing it.

Are you a realtor and looking to target first home buyers? Try posting early in the morning when young professionals will be getting to work and not quite ready to start the work day and looking to surf the web for a bit.

Magic Hour?

There is one rule of thumb that is generally consistent across the board and that is the end of the week and weekends typically get a lot more traffic than a mid morning Monday post. Think of it this way, when do you find yourself online? It typically will be the same for others as well. Are you typically surfing social media at 10:30 on Tuesday morning? No? Chances are your target audience won't be either. When you have insomnia, what platform are you using? Again, there is a good chance that your readers will be in the same spot at the same time.

What about Pinterest?

Pinterest users are typically those late at night, even into the wee hours of the early mornings, and always on weekends. Target your posts on this platform at those times, and it's practically a guarantee that your post reach will be doubled from your previous strategy.

What is the key?

There is one rule that you can always take to the bank....consistency. You must be consistent in your approach to social media marketing. If you drop off, there is always someone in line to fill that place. Are you having trouble getting it all done? Did you know that Unstoppable Communications offers social media marketing management for you and your needs?

Whether it's a one-time marketing strategy, social media scheduling assistance, content curation, blogging, or editing...Unstoppable Communications is the tool you need to get the reach you want.

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