How To Ace Your Next Job Interview

We've all been there.

You got the call back.

You have an interview.

Now what?

Panic, fear, dread, uncertainty?

......There is no need for any of those emotions if you follow these quick, easy, and simple steps to fly through your next interview.

First things first, if you have received a call back and set up an interview, take two seconds to congratulate yourself and take a deep breath. Securing an interview means you have now passed the ATS (applicant tracking system), gotten to the proper hiring authorities, and now....they want to talk to YOU. That is no small feat in this day and age.

Listed below are the essential things to do in order to prep for the next stage.

Follow this step by step guide:

  • Scheduling the actual interview: Make sure you have agreed to a time that is feasible for you to arrive on time and not pose any potential conflict with your current job or situation.

  • Allow enough time: Plan out your traveling route ahead of time ensuring you will have enough time to allow for parking, unexpected delays, and detours. Even do a dry run if you can. Arrive 15 minutes early, allowing time to check out the environment ahead of time.

  • What to wear: When choosing your outfit for the interview, decide on an outfit that is practical and either matches the daily office attire or one step above. For example, for ladies if the environment is business casual, wearing a black casual dress would be appropriate. Men, I always recommend wearing a suit. It speaks volumes of man's character when they show up in a sharp dressed suit. Every client that I have worked with that wears a suit have gotten the job.

  • What to bring: Always have a copy of your resume on hand, your list of references, letters of recommendations, and any portfolio work that you have done in prior work settings.

  • What NOT to bring: We all know everyone lives with their phones attached as an appendage, but an interview is not the place to showcase this feature. Leave it in your purse or pocket on silent. Do not pull it out until you have left the building. Nothing is a bigger turn off than an applicant staring at their phone whether out of nervous habit or as a distraction.

  • Maintain eye contact: Nothing says professional like an eye to eye conversation and a firm handshake.

  • Do your research: You should have researched the company in depth before your interview. Now is the time to put that knowledge to work. Engage in the conversation with stats you have found online about the company. This shows interest and is a good way to step above the other applicants in the hiring managers eyes.

  • Know your resume: You may of had a professional such as Unstoppable Communications write your resume, but you need to know it forwards and back, being able to point out achievements and reference it often in the interview. It is your road map to staying focused.

  • Ask questions: When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, and they will, you must have some prepared. Something as simple as, "what expectations do you have for this position?" will show that you are serious. These are some of the things we go over in interview prep coaching through Unstoppable Communications.

  • Be interested and be yourself: Show your personality in a professional manner. Show your interest level and showcase the rock-star that we all know you are.

Nothing can be scarier and exciting all at the same time as a new career launch. Be prepared, be on time, do your research, and you can't go wrong.

If you want more in-depth coaching for your individual interview, Unstoppable Communications offers one on one interview prep and other coaching topics relating to your career journey. Contact us today by going here!

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