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Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Send an email to info@unstoppablecommunications.com and state what you are needing and send a current copy of your resume if you have one.

Question: How much does it cost ?

Answer: Please refer to the Services page on the website and all prices and packages are listed at the bottom of that page.

Question: How long does it take?

Answer:  Turnaround time on non-rush orders is 5 to 7 business days once payment and all materials are received. After you receive your first draft a 7 day edit process starts. Typically it takes a week for most clients from start to finish.

Question: What if I don't have a current resume to send you?

Answer: No problem, there is a form that will be sent to you after you contact via email and you can fill that out to completion to begin the process.

Question: How do I know what all I need? Are Cover Letters and LinkedIn's really necessary?

Answer: In your first email, let Lori know why you are looking for a job and what job you would like to pursue, she can guide you in what your industry will require and what will be of the most benefit to you.


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