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Lori Williams
Certified Career Coach, Recruiter, Professional Resume Writer, Social Media Marketer, Podcaster, & Blogger

Lori Williams is a Professional Resume Writer, Recruiter, Certified Career Coach, & Digital Marketer.  She specializes in social media marketing, blogging, resume writing, recruitment, podcasting, and career counseling.  Lori holds 7 diplomas in Content Marketing,  Blogging, Digital Marketing, Career Advancement, and Career Acceleration and has written over 1000 resumes to date. She has a consistent 5-star rating with rave reviews on her Facebook page, runs a Career Group with 800+ members, and is a keynote speaker for various groups often asked to speak on the topic of Career Development. She was featured as a "Mover & Shaker" for the Hustle:Workshop networking group, was chosen an "Empowering Entrepreneur" for The Freelance CFO company, and has been a guest on the highly acclaimed career podcast, "Career Cloud Radio" on iTunes and Google Play. In addition to these accolades, Lori is often cited in articles online for as an expert in her field as she helps lead others to success with her tips and tricks. Additionally she can be heard doing voice-over work for various podcast episodes, ASMR, and ad rolls getting up to 50K+ downloads monthly. She launched her own podcast, The Talking T-Rex, and enjoys bringing added value to her clients with free advice. Lori is a Top Contributor for the Resume-CV Library Blog out of the United Kingdom and enjoys sharing her knowledge with a large audience in that platform. 


Lori has a proven track record of helping her clients find the job of their dreams through professional resume writing, targeted coaching sessions, job searching, and independent recruitment. She has grown Facebook pages to rapid success, creates successful SEO strategies, produces content curation in blogging, and successfully gets her clients where they desire to be in life. She has worked with a wide variety of industries and has a pulse on what works through social media attraction and job board navigation to help increase revenue or job offers for her clients. Lori has a background in public relations, recruitment, project management, human resources, marketing, real estate, and healthcare administration.

She has worked with clients all over the globe from various cultures and backgrounds. Lori is constantly learning and staying on top of industry trends and the latest strategies to help her clients through webinars, podcasts, and continued education.

In addition to all that she brings to the table, her networking capabilities are an added perk to her clients as she seeks to connect and promote others in similar industries as her clients. This proves beneficial to both her resume clients in passing resumes along, and to her social media marketing/blogging clients to spread the word about their business. She thrives on helping others be successful through utilizing the right tools to build their company, get their dream job, or focus on personal branding.


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